More CT63 parts arriving

Yesterday and today more parts for my CT63 project arrived.

CT63 002

PicoPSU – a very small power supply, fits perfectly in a Falcon case

CT63 007

The corresponding external Notebook Power Adapter with 120 Watts Output at 12 V. And hey! It is designed for CT63 use!

CT63 006

A double sided PC133 512 MB SDRAM Module by Kingston – that should be enough!

CT63 005

And for the probably empty DALLAS NVRAM Chip in the Falcon… a new DS12887A and a socket (extra low profile).

Today the Falcon should arrive and on the weekend i am going to repair the NVRAM Chip!

2 thoughts on “More CT63 parts arriving

  1. You picked nice components so far, imho.

    Btw, there is also a 150W PicoPSU and also a Version that accepts 12V-25V input. But anyway, you found a decent 12V source, it seems.

    Looking forward to the ct63!

  2. Nice work. However can you put the component specification, like type, where you ordered them etc… .
    Especially, I’m interested in the extra low socket for the dallas. And I want to know if it clash with the shielding ?
    What are you going to do with the shield ? The hinges of the ram on the CT60 clamps with the shielding ?


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