The supporting Falcon

Last week I posted a search message on boards to find a suitable Falcon030 for my CT63 project.

The main requirement was, that the Falcon should not be heavily modified. If there are other accelerator cards installed, it would be a lot more difficult to uninstall it and install the CT63.

On the weekend I discovered a Falcon which may be appropiate.

IMG_00561  IMG_00581

It is a Falcon030 with TOS 4.04 and 14 MB RAM, featuring a 9 GB IDE Hard Disk and a virgin motherboard. Only one thing troubles my joy. This issue impacts nearly every Falcon now aging 15 years and older. The onboard Realtimeclock chip, which also holds the NVRAM for settings, has a built-in (!) Battery. Yes it is molded into the Chip and the chip is – of course – soldered to the board and not socketed.

DS 12887 A   GS 24P

So there will be a few tasks to do, when the Falcon arrives. Yesterday I’ve ordered a new DALLAS NVRAM Chip and a socket, so that future changes will be a lot easier. For this time changing the chip will be hard, as i’ve read in several boards a lot of pain in the ass problems, removing the chip.

Next time I will continue by reporting about fixing the NVRAM problem and the difficulties. Perhaps i also will have some hints for you, making the job a little bit easier.

2 thoughts on “The supporting Falcon

  1. Hallo,

    darf ich fragen, was der Falcon noch gekostet hat?
    Bin nämlich am überlegen ob ich den meinigen nicht verkaufen werde….


    P.S: Bin wegen dem NVRAM auf die Site gestossen…

  2. sorry, for some odd reason i thought i could write in german….doh!

    Just wanted to know how much the falcon had cost cause i´m thinking about selling my own baby….

    found the site through google “nvram replace falcon” search…

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