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CTPCI prerequisites 1: clear a space for the PCI Graphics Card

I am really happy, that i’ve ordered a CTCPI by Rodolphe Czuba. It will eliminate the Falcon’s last handicap, namely the poor video performance.

The CTPCI is a daughtercard to the CT60/CT63 including a PCI-Riser-Card which takes a ATI RADEON 7000/7500/9200 PCI Card (with up to 256 MB memory).

Many Falcon users have built their Falcon into a tower case for convenient access to it’s parts. But for me the original Falcon case is far more attractive! So everything has to be inside this case, and of course the CTPCI, too.

How to accomplish that? I always look for parts small enough to fit into the falcon case. The picoPSU power supply clears space in the back of the falcon and now I’ve replaced the old hard drive with a SSD drive. That’s really cool. Absolute quiet and no heat development are yet another advantages.


Now I’ve got some space and the RADEON 9200 PCI Graphics card arrived today. It is a low profile version which is chilled passive. On the next weekend I’ll try if it fits into the Falcon.

Tomorrow Classic Computing 2009

Hi again. Tomorrow I will attend Classic Computing 2009. The Exhibition about classic computers will take place in Hachenburg, Westerwald, Germany. I am happy to carry my Falcon 030 with me, to update it to the most recent ABE/SDR chip version.

These new software updates are necessary for using the new CTPCI graphics adapter card which hopefully will become available late this year or early next year.

Camera is with me, so be prepared for some pictures 😉

ATARI Germany Headquarters today…

… ATARI Germany was once located in a building in Raunheim, near Frankfurt. Today I was wondering again, that there was exactly one (1) picture of this building that spread over the web.


If you are searching for “atari raunheim” in google picture search this is the feeling lucky hit.

Modern Map Software like Google Maps could show us the building in a much more detailed way. Taken from bing maps (click for lager view).


The part of the building, shown in original picture above can be found in the right part of the bing maps pic.

Falcon030 ready for CTPCI

The last post in this blog is a long time ago. Time for some updates. The Falcon is now running fine with CT63 at 90 MHz.

There are two challenges left, to make the Falcon a real Internet-capable desktop computer.

1. At the moment, i am using a ROM-Port Ethernet Adapter by Elmar Hilgart. This adapter is a small ROM-Port Card attached to a GENIUS PocketLAN Adapter. Unfortunately the Drivers are only compiled for 68000/68030 processors and not for 68060 (which now boosts up my Falcon on the CT63). To surf in the internet I always have to switch back to the 030 mode, negating the advantages of the CT63.

But hopefully i can get a NetUSBee or a NetBee (check out for more informations, it is a NetUSBee in a smaller form factor without USB support (lacking drivers for anything other than mouse support the USB interface doesn’t make any sense to me at the moment). But if anyone has a NetUSBee available i would be happy to buy one.

2. Graphics are really frustrating me. Today i can run up to 640×480 in 256 colors. Thats NOT good. Perhaps i can get it to 800×608 or even 1024×768. But the ultimate solution hopefully will be the CTPCI, which i ordered back some month ago.

More to come….