CTPCI prerequisites 1: clear a space for the PCI Graphics Card

I am really happy, that i’ve ordered a CTCPI by Rodolphe Czuba. It will eliminate the Falcon’s last handicap, namely the poor video performance.

The CTPCI is a daughtercard to the CT60/CT63 including a PCI-Riser-Card which takes a ATI RADEON 7000/7500/9200 PCI Card (with up to 256 MB memory).

Many Falcon users have built their Falcon into a tower case for convenient access to it’s parts. But for me the original Falcon case is far more attractive! So everything has to be inside this case, and of course the CTPCI, too.

How to accomplish that? I always look for parts small enough to fit into the falcon case. The picoPSU power supply clears space in the back of the falcon and now I’ve replaced the old hard drive with a SSD drive. That’s really cool. Absolute quiet and no heat development are yet another advantages.


Now I’ve got some space and the RADEON 9200 PCI Graphics card arrived today. It is a low profile version which is chilled passive. On the next weekend I’ll try if it fits into the Falcon.

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