Falcon030 ready for CTPCI

The last post in this blog is a long time ago. Time for some updates. The Falcon is now running fine with CT63 at 90 MHz.

There are two challenges left, to make the Falcon a real Internet-capable desktop computer.

1. At the moment, i am using a ROM-Port Ethernet Adapter by Elmar Hilgart. This adapter is a small ROM-Port Card attached to a GENIUS PocketLAN Adapter. Unfortunately the Drivers are only compiled for 68000/68030 processors and not for 68060 (which now boosts up my Falcon on the CT63). To surf in the internet I always have to switch back to the 030 mode, negating the advantages of the CT63.

But hopefully i can get a NetUSBee or a NetBee (check out http://www.atari-home.de for more informations, it is a NetUSBee in a smaller form factor without USB support (lacking drivers for anything other than mouse support the USB interface doesn’t make any sense to me at the moment). But if anyone has a NetUSBee available i would be happy to buy one.

2. Graphics are really frustrating me. Today i can run up to 640×480 in 256 colors. Thats NOT good. Perhaps i can get it to 800×608 or even 1024×768. But the ultimate solution hopefully will be the CTPCI, which i ordered back some month ago.

More to come….

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