Monthly Archives: November 2015

Falcon, Round 2

Some years ago I sold my full blown Falcon to finance a Firebee.

This Falcon was a beast. It was running well under MiNT and everything (CT63, CTPCI and Radeon graphix card) fitted in the original casing.

I don’t know, why I sold it… the Firebee is a nice project, but I adore the original Design of ATARI computers and the Falcon is simply the last computer made by ATARI. A kind of piece of history.

So some month ago thoughts came to my mind, that I have to get a Falcon again in the future. As we all know, Falcons are not that common to appear every day on forums or eBay. So I was lucky to find a Falcon on the  Facebook Falcon Community. An Italian guy was selling an Italian Falcon with 4 Megs RAM, New socketed DALLAS NVRAM Chip and 10 GB HDD.

I will document the progress of this project as it evolves. My plans are as follows:

  • CT63
  • 512 MB RAM
  • SSD Module
  • CF Card Reader
  • SuperVidel Graphics Card
  • Svethlana Ethernet Card
  • PicoPSU
  • 14 MB Falcon RAM

I opted for the SuperVidel instead of the CTPCI because of its better form factor and its said better compability.

Stay tuned for more updates 😉